Ten Meters of thinking speeches:

Common themes, Unique applications


After two decades of speaking, Paul Hughes has created five classic speeches. Dealing with themes that are commonly experienced, yet uniquely applied, he continues to design new and tailor-made speeches.







By making the complex clear, Paul helps people to understand the challenges around them, and the consequences for individuals and organisations. With his unique visual/verbal format, where he draws live while he speaks, Paul helps people navigate through these challenges by offering alternative visions, adaptive strategies and complementary skills.




What vision do I need in today’s world?
How do I make my vision resilient?
What makes a vision compelling?

“The most powerful visions have timeless qualities. They represent a place, not a point – they allow enough space to hit the target. And they are both aspirational and operational. They engage the heart, the head, & the hand: With our heads in the clouds – creating new possibilities – our feet are firmly placed on the ground – taking action.”

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 & learn how to create a vision that engages the heart, the head, and the hand.




What are the qualities of a successful strategy?
How do I create a strategy in a changing world?
How do I know it is the right strategy?
“Strategies need to evolve with the world around them – this means they change over time. They balance consistency and change. And they solve many problems at once. The most successful organizations engage in processes of learning-by-doing and to create living strategies – they learn how to adapt across time.”

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What does it mean to be a leader today?
Are there new skills of leadership?
Can everyone be a leader?
“We need new skills of leadership. For leadership has moved from dictation to facilitation – we have moved from ‘Egosystems’ to ‘Ecosystems’. Our world was run on a competition-based model and it is now embracing collaboration as the new model. Our society is being redefined, reshaped, and rebuilt by the simple shift of ‘Me to We’. This creates new roles on the path of leadership.”
“In a competition-based system the best move is the one which leaves your opponent in the touchiest situation. In a collaborative- based system the best move is the one which leaves your collaborator in the best situation.”


Book THE CIRCLE OF LEADERSHIP speech now & learn how to master the three roles on the path of leadership.





How do I create a culture of innovation?
Where do I focus my innovation?
What are the key challenges & how do I overcome them?


“Innovation is now the difference that makes the difference. Every organization needs to create a culture of innovation – for it is only the habit of innovation that leads to success. It is an ongoing process that looks beyond problem solving to opportunity seeking.”
“We can analyze the past, because it exists, however we need to design the future.”

& learn how to create a habit of innovation within your organization.


What is the essence of good communication?How do I communicate for true understanding?
How do I build long-term relationships & customer loyalty?


“The quality of relationships defines the quality of the results. Hence at the heart of every successful organization is communication that builds long-term relationships – the essence is found in understanding the old wisdom of ‘Do as you say & say as you do‘ and applying this to your new context.”


“As a specialist in making the complex clear, I have created The ABC of Communication model to show that creating customer loyalty is as easy as ABC.”


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In addition to the Ten Meters of Thinking classic speeches, Paul has created many tailored speeches that address the specific topics of organizations and the dynamics of unique industries.
Paul has previously spoken on diverse topics, including: technology & new media, ethics & sustainability, learning & development, design & branding.
Additionally, he has tailored his speeches to a variety of industries, including: finance & banking, entertainment & leisure, energy & engineering, technology & telecom, health care & pharmaceuticals, transport & automotive, advertising & media, legal & security. 

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