MASTERCLASS Making Meaning


How to weave the world

a better place.


Finding meaning is our greatest task. We all long to find work that is meaningful because when we find it we feel connected, we feel that we belong, we feel that we are contributing. We all long to belong.


This masterclass is for individuals & organizations who want to find meaningful work & be able to make meaningful contributions to the world.

The quality of our work is defined by the quality of the meaning we make. And it all starts by finding what is meaningful for us as individuals. However, many people have not found, or been able to connect, meaning to their work. Yet it remains our primary job description.


Meaningful work is as important for organizations as it is for individuals. Work is being redefined by ‘meaningful work’.


Organizations now have the responsibility of creating workplaces that are meaningful, products & services that add real value, and a brand that invites people to belong.


So finding meaningful work is only the beginning; we still need to find a way to convert our meaning into value for others. We only belong when we feel we are actively contributing to the world. When we actively make meaning, we become true makers. Beyond producing functioning products and services, the true value of a designer/creative/maker is in making meaning. Whether you are an individual or an organization making impact all starts with finding meaningful work.


Friday September 25th 12.30-16.00

Doors open at 12:00


Pakhuis de Zwijger

Piet Heinkade 179

1019 HC Amsterdam


Ticket: € 50.00

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