A Path to Success

Interview in Management Team Magazine.


In this interview Paul Hughes highlight how he believes that every organization is on a similar path of development. While the placement along this path may vary from organization to organization, every organization goes through the same stages and cycles.

Paul offers his vision on organizational transformation and the path that every organization moves through. Understanding the journey is to understand that it is a journey home.At the heart of every great organization is a great story and it is to role of everyone within the organization to live their version of that story. Unity of story, diversity of living it. This can only be achieved when the story is a real story, not one that was invented by a market department. Instead the story, at the heart of the organization, is one that is found not created. Once found, the story becomes a campfire around which alignment is created and guidance offered.


This journey to find the organizational story is a journey inwards and once found we can return to our outward journey. Paul believes that while there is no quick and easy recipe for success in an organizations’ outward journey, there are timeless principles that can be applied along its path of development. Some of these principles are captured in his model called The ABC of Communication.


In this article Paul goes on to challenge the widely accepted concept of organizational growth. He believes that all too many organizations have an unhealthily fixation on ‘growth’, which he states is not necessarily good and indeed may even be dangerous. Nature is used a model in much of Paul’s work and he here uses the growth of a tree as an example. A tree first grows and then at a certain height, depending on the family of tree, it stops growing and starts developing. And it is in the developing stage of a tree that it bears fruit.


A journey inwards to find the story at the heart of an organization and then a journey outwards to live the story along a path that ultimately is understood to be a journey home.