On the Edge of Europe

Contribution to 30th anniversary book


In 2012, friends & collaborators were invited to visually interpret “30” to celebrated Design Factory’s thirtieth birthday. They were given a tight deadline which Conor Clark enforced with typical ruthlessness and now, two years later, they are appearing in this book.


Situated on the edge of Europe, in Dublin, Design Factory is one of Irelands most established design agencies specializing in strategy and design for brands, products, and services.


The Visual Statement that Paul created for this is based on an ongoing series showing a collection of interconnected points in the form of a knot. “Each dot represents a concept, or event, and their relationships to each other, in the form of arcs, are as important and the dots themselves. The arcs represent a sequence of activity and/or of proximity. This knot was designed to show not only thirty dots, one for each year, but also to show growth over time, across five circles.”