The Future of Science

University of Amsterdam + Ten Meters of Thinking


Paul Hughes gave a Ten Meters of Thinking speech to members of the Faculty of Science from the University of Amsterdam. Together they explored the central concepts of innovation and applied these to future of science education – opening new possibilities of research, teaching, and partnerships.


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The Art of Conversation

Red&Grey Design + Ten Meters of Thinking


Paul Hughes lead a workshop on the essence of conversation – as part of an ongoing series of workshops focused on The Art of Conversation. Curated by Bob Gray, Red&Gray Design



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It’s not painting, it’s making a painting.

National College of Art & Design + Ten Meters of Thinking


Paul Hughes gave a Ten Meters of Thinking speech to 150 first year Core students from The National College of Art & Design, Dublin – asking what would happen if your notebook took on the characteristics of a fish.


Curated by Bob Gray, Red&Grey Design, Dublin.


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Design Yatra 2013 + Ten Meters of Thinking


The invitation to speak again at Design Yatra 2013, Goa, India, marked the 5th time Paul Hughes spoke at this leading design event in India. Kyoorius, the company behind the event, has created and curated one of the world’s biggest and best annual conferences on design. With an attendance of over 1300 delegates from across Asia it has featured some of the biggest names in the global creative and communications industry.


Illustration by Eureka Alphonso.



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A Path to Success

Interview in Management Team Magazine.


In this interview Paul Hughes highlight how he believes that every organization is on a similar path of development. While the placement along this path may vary from organization to organization, every organization goes through the same stages and cycles.


Download PDF (Dutch)

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Design should be Alive

Introduction to book Dynamic Identities.


Sometime after running a Summer School on Dynamic Identities Paul Hughes was approached by one of the attendees, Irene van Nes, to write the introduction to her book Dynamic Identities: How to create a living brand.