Viewpoints | Ten Meters of Thinking

OPUS 09 no.19


what question can you ask 

to evolve your understanding 

rather than reinforce it?


Knowing what we know, what we do not know, and what we do not know that we do not know – all part of an evolving framework of learning. #framework #learning #knowledge #evolving #concepts #paulhughes #visualstatements #tenmetersofthinking



On the Edge of Europe

Contribution to 30th anniversary book


In 2012, friends & collaborators were invited to visually interpret “30” to celebrated Design Factory’s thirtieth birthday. They were given a tight deadline which Conor Clark enforced with typical ruthlessness and now, two years later, they are appearing in this book.


Design should be Alive

Introduction to book Dynamic Identities.


Sometime after running a Summer School on Dynamic Identities Paul Hughes was approached by one of the attendees, Irene van Nes, to write the introduction to her book Dynamic Identities: How to create a living brand.